Confined Space Monitor/Entry (OSSA & Non OSSA)

Course Details

Format: Classroom
Duration: 5-6 hrs
Prerequisites: N/A
PPE Required: N/A

Course Description

This course is intended for individual that perform work involving confined space (such as, but not limited to, planning, managing, ordering, monitoring, performing work inside the confined space). This course will covers theoretical and practical content.

This course is designed to give you the appropriate knowledge required for performing routine procedures such as entering and exiting confined spaces. Confined Space Training can benefit professionals from a range of industries, such as:

  • Trades
  • Oil and Gas.
  • Construction
  • Health and Safety

Topics include:

  • Introduction
  • Legislation
  • Definitions
  • Case studies of confined space incidents
  • Competency requirement
  • Difference between Restricted Space and Confined Space
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Management & Employees
  • Training requirements
  • Hazard Recognition, Identification, Evaluation
  • Risk Assessments & Hierarchy of Hazard Controls
  • Basic and Specific PPE requirement
  • Confined Space Entry Permits Awareness
  • Emergency Rescue Plan
  • Hazardous substances and Energy
  • Lock-out, Tag-out and methods of Isolation
  • Atmospheric Monitoring and Gas Detection Awareness
  • Equipment Manufacture requirement
  • Book Exercises

Note: Attendees are required to successfully complete a written exam and with an 80% pass mark.

Fall protection (OSSA & Non OSSA)
Elevated Work Platform (OSSA & Non OSSA)
Skid Steer
Spotter & Hand Signal
Basic Rigging
Fire Extinguisher
Transportation of Dangerous Good
Hazard Management (Recognition, Identification, Evaluation, Control, Assessment)
Respiratory Fit Testing
First Aid & CPR
+ Emergency First Aid
+ Standard First Aid
+ Child Care Standard First Aid
+ Standard First Aid Recertification
+ Basic Life Support Provider CPR
+ First Aid Level C CPR

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